Hunemuller Custom Homes
Logo File Guide

This file pack includes a mix of high and low resolution files in both the vector and raster format with color-optimization for either print or web. High resolution files are always recommended, but some low resolution files are preferred for web (like .png).

Vector files are recommended as they are resizable without any pixelation or loss of quality. Raster files will have pixelation if sized up or down and are mainly used for print applications.

Finally, color-optimization is broken up into two categories: CMYK and RGB. CMYK files are optimized for print use: think banners, flyers, letterhead. RGB files are optimized for screen use: think websites, email, social media.


Extension types:

.eps high quality, fully workable vector format designed to produce high-resolution graphics for print. Universal file type (much like .pdf)

.pdf universal file type in vector format designed to view without any specialized software

.png lossless (can be resized without loss of quality) low resolution vector files, transparent background makes this filetype ideal for web use

.psd raster files in Photoshop's native format

.tif large raster files that don’t lose quality, not recommended for web due to file size

.jpg lossy (resizing will cause quality loss) low resolution files, most common file type



RGB.png for web

CMYK.eps for print


If the descriptions above are confusing or you ever have any questions on which file type to use for a specific application, please do not hesitate to ask!

Colors used in your logo:

Pantone 653C (blue)

Pantone 376C (green)