Urban Oasis: An Introduction

Something inside me has always longed to be outdoors, amongst the mountains, the trees, away from the concrete jungle I grew up in. Growing up, I felt akin to a domesticated wolf. There I was, locked away in my suburban prison where the most 'woodsy' place was an all-wood playground nestled between some trees – I hated that place, it brought me nothing but splinters – and all I wanted was to actually be in the trees. Trips to my grandmother's house out in the countryside brought relief to the restlesness brought upon by the suburbanite life I had (really it wasn't THAT bad, at this point I'm just being dramatic... but you get the point). I didn't fit, I felt as if I was just wired different from everyone else, and that began to get to me. 

I would often skate around town with my friends, and at some point, I stumbled upon this cut in the treeline next to one of my usual hauntings. I never really gave the trees much thought since they were between two houses and, to me, it just looked like another lot bound for urban expansion. Through the cut in the trees was a bridge, just a giant slab of concrete, really, but below the slab was a creek.

The creek wasn't much, only about ankle deep, waist deep at some parts. But the best thing was that it was sheltered on both sides by trees, and the deep and rough terrain kept it safe from being tampered with. I had just discovered the place that would eventually be where I would spend most of my time growing up, from grade school, through graduating high school, and even on visits home from university, I always found myself drawn back to the creek. A place where I would hunt, fish, camp, take photos, videos, sketch, create. It was my home, my own little urban oasis.

Now, after finishing college, getting married, and moving across Dallas, I still try to discover little spots around Dallas, hidden from the city, the places that make you forget that you're surrounded by millions of people, vehicles, buildings, and streets that I deem fit to be classified as another urban oasis. As I discover these places I will share them here, with photos and memories of each, and I invite you to share with me your own place to escape from reality, wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever shape your own oasis may take.